and Local


The rich heritage of the Moyer brand stems back to 1877, when Jacob Freed purchased a small farm in Morwood, PA, and started a local beef-and -pork butcher shop. By 1957, the Moyer family had positioned themselves to be a primary beef supplier in the Northeast. With over 150 years of a tradition of delivering fresh beef to consumers, the Moyer brand remains dedicated to producing superior products today.

Family Traditions

Family values serves as the root for the success of Moyer brands. Our brands were built on a heritage of running a family business. We take pride in doing business with family farmers who share those same values.

Superior Products

We believe that providing fresh and local beef is a delicious way to bring wholesome meals to your family’s table. Available in USDA Prime and Choice, our products not only arrive fresh at your grocer, they also help to support local communities.